Cat, a white woman with brown hair and glasses


Dyer and chemist Cat is the creative genius behind our yarn, making use of the laboratory skills she honed discovering (three!!) previously unknown molecules during her science career.

Penny, a white woman with brown hair and glasses.


Penny handles the daily business needs for Cesium, which means wearing the hats of photographer, web designer, accountant, fulfillment specialist, customer service liaison, copywriter, and more.

Pixie, a white pitbull, wearing a knit hat with a giant pom-pom and a woven scarf.


Good girl, rescue, and princess Pixie is our family and shop dog. She provides moral support, creative consultation, and endless face pets.

Why Cesium Yarn?

Cesium is the most reactive element on the periodic table. Its elemental symbol, Cs, also matches Cat's initials, making this element near and dear to our hearts!